Kendra Preston Leonard


2015 in Review and Previewing 2016

This year:

  • My book chapter on music and disability in William Walton’s score for Laurence Olivier’s Richard III–specifically the ways in which Walton uses altered sounds from the orchestra to create musical manifestations of Richard’s “unnaturalness”–was published as “Music for Richard III: Cinematic Scoring for the Early Modern Monstrous” in The Oxford Handbook of Music and Disability Studies.
  • My essay on music, race, and Otherness in the Odin Teatret’s Ur-Hamlet was published as “History Faux/Real: the 2006 Ur-Hamlet,” kadar koli 10 (PDF proof).
  • I finished the manuscript for Music for Silent Film: A Guide to North American Resources (A-R Editions and the Music Library Association Index and Bibliography Series). The book will be out in the first quarter of 2016.
  • I gave four scholarly talks or presentations: on public musicology for “Careers Outside of the Academy,” American Musicological Society national meeting; on the Odin Teatret Ur-Hamlet as “History Faux/Real: the 2006 Ur-Hamlet,” BABEL Working Group; about Louise Talma’s chamber opera in “The Autobiographics of Louise Talma’s Have You Heard? Do You Know?,” International Alliance for Women in Music Congress; and on “Aural Ekphrasis as Adaptative Agent,” Shakespeare Association of America, “Memory and Musical Performance” seminar.
  • I published two poems:“Six Epilogues for Caliban,” appeared in lunch, Summer 2015, and “Varnished,” which appeared in These Fragile Lilacs, Summer 2015.
  • My 2014 book Louise Talma: A Life in Composition received excellent reviews from Nanette Kaplan Solomon and Rose Dodd.

In 2016, I’ll be

  • On the radio: I’ll be talking on BBC Radio 3 in January about American composer Louise Talma.
  • At conferences: I’ll be chairing and presenting at the Society for American Music annual meeting in Boston, leading a seminar on “Music for Silent Film,” in which I’ll discuss my recent work on “Re-Scoring Shylock: Musical Suggestions for the 1912 Merchant of Venice,” 11:00a.m.-1:00 p.m., Friday, 11 March; talking about that music and music for other silent adaptations of the same film in “Music for Silent Merchants” as a participant in the Shakespeare Association of America seminar “Re-evaluating Earlier Generations of Shakespeare Films,” 23-26 March, New Orleans, LA.; on music for silent films about the supernatural and “spook tales” (early horror films) at the ML75.UNT Symposium in Denton, Texas, 22-23 April; and plan to be at the American Musicological Society’s annual meeting in Vancouver, BC.
  • Publishing: 2016 should see the publications of Music for Silent Film: A Guide to North American Resources and The Art Songs of Louise Talma, part of the College Music Society Sourcebooks in American Music series, as well as some articles and other pieces.
  • Writing: about Shakespeare and Jazz for a special issue of Borrowers and Lenders, on silent film music, and on Talma.
  • Editing: with Mariana Whitmer, for our in-progress co-edited collection of essays on the music of the American West in unexpected locales, Music for New Frontiers: Re-Locating the Sounds of the Western.