Kendra Preston Leonard


A teaser for Duke

From my upcoming Duke talk:

In her novel Wolf Hall, Hillary Mantel writes, “Beneath every history, another history.” Beneath: under, below, buried, submerged, hidden. And also deep, profound, rooted, from below. Today I want to talk about the narratives beneath our histories and historiographies, how we can exhume these narratives, how we can raise them up from being beneath, how we can make sure they aren’t being put under other narratives, how when things are beneath they often have deep things to tell us. And I want to talk about how we, as scholars, can be made to be beneath, made to be hidden, and how we might address that, so that we are not beneath or drowned, but rooted and profound.

Want more? Come to my talk “On Hidden Narratives,” Musicology Lecture Series, Duke University, 13 January 2017.