Creative Works

Leonard is also a librettist, lyricist, and poet.


Marie Curie Learns to Swim, a one-act chamber opera with music by composer Jessica Rudman will receive its premiere by the Hartford Opera Theater on 28 April 2018.


“Four Songs for Lady Macbeth,” set by composer Jessica Rudman and commissioned by Charity Clark. Upcoming performance at “Speaking Her Truth” by the Hartford Opera Theater, 28 April 2018.

“Four Songs for Lady Macbeth,” performed as oratory, Bloody, Bold and Resolute: Macbeth Day at the University of York, May 2017.

“Shout Dirge for Lady Macbeth,” featured on Screaming Poetry 3, 2016.


Moscow’s Rejected Margaritas;” “Lady, Maid, Invocation;” “Highway Drone,” Penumbra 5 (Summer 2018)

“Outside In,” Translating Chronic Pain (2018).

“A Haiku Year,” Panoplyzine, Issue 7 (Summer 2017).

“Pumpjack Andante” and “Coyote Sits,” The Waggle, Summer 2017.

The Swimmer,” vox poetica,  2016.

“Six Epilogues for Caliban,” lunch, Summer 2015.

“Varnished,” These Fragile Lilacs, Summer 2015.

“Carrot Haiku,” Tule Review, November 2014.

“Lovers Misread Envy Horses Homonyms,” Upstart: Out of Sequence: The Sonnets Remixed (Parlor Press, 2014).

“A Cellist’s Lament,” Hartskill Review, April 2014.

“Professor Medusa,” Haggard and Halloo, April 2013.