Kendra Preston Leonard

New poems published: “Moscow’s Rejected Margaritas,” “Lady, Maid, Invocation,” and “Highway Drone”

Three of my poems appear in the Summer 2018 issue of Penumbra. These include “Moscow’s Rejected Margaritas,” which plays on Mikhail Bulgakov’s brilliant novel The Master and Margarita; “Lady, Maid, Invocation” one of my Four Songs for Lady Macbeth, in which Lady Macbeth’s waiting-woman narrates the events of Shakespeare’s play and decides to give voice […]

IAWM Review of Speaking Her Truth

Elizabeth R. Austin reviewed Speaking Her Truth in Hartford for the IAWM Journal: Speaking Her Truth: Three Vocal Works by Jessica Rudman ELIZABETH R. AUSTIN On April 28 at Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford, CT, The Hartford Opera Theater sponsored a concert of music by Jessica Rudman, including a pre-show lecture by the composer and […]

Performance Journal: Sunday

Sunday, 29 April 2018 Great performances last night by everyone! All of the characters were beautifully acted and sung and there was a lot of energy. We had a nice big audience—we basically filled the venue—and lots of positive reactions to the entire production. I think everyone in the cast and crew was pleased as […]

Performance Journal: Thursday

26 April 2018 I live-tweeted the dress rehearsal of the full program. 7:15 pm We’re rolling! Charity kicks off the dress rehearsal with the “Shout Dirge for Lady Macbeth,” the only one of the four songs that is about the real Lady M rather than Shakespeare’s Lady. 7:25 Now “The Song of the House Martin”–amazing duet for […]

Performance Journal: Wednesday

Wednesday, 25 April 2018 I was up early and on a plane by 7, laying over in Detroit and arriving in Hartford just before 4. After dropping my luggage off at my hotel (which has terrific staff but tries way too hard to be chic and swank but is poorly designed), I went to the […]

Packing while disabled

This is a bit of an addendum to the post above. Tomorrow I’m flying from Houston, where I live, to Hartford, CT, for the final rehearsals and first performance of two pieces of music for which I wrote the lyrics and libretto. A person without chronic illnesses would pack clothes, basic toiletries, and tech stuff/chargers […]

Performance Journal: Tuesday

Tuesday, 24 April 2018 Here are photos from last night’s rehearsal, showing the lab cart and a raised platform that I think represents the beach—the stairs must be where Marie and Irène enter the water for the swimming lessons. I’ll have more starting tomorrow or Thursday, after I arrive in Hartford. On the schedule today […]

Performance Journal: Monday

Monday, 23 April 2018 Today the production moves into the performance space at Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford and begins to set up. Over the next few days, the singers will be learning how the blocking works in the space, and both the vocalists and instrumentalists, conducted by Dan D’Addio, will be learning how the […]

Performance Journal: Sunday

Sunday, 22 April 2018 Yesterday HOT rehearsed Marie Curie from 10-5 and Lady M from 6-9 with Jessica there to coach. They had most of the props in place and all of the costumes, which I’m told look fantastic. Today rehearsal starts at 2:30 and ends when it ends: the schedule says “release time TBA—the […]

Performance Journal: Saturday

Saturday, 21 April 2018 A week from today, the Hartford Opera Theater (HOT) and the Hartford Independent Chamber Orchestra (HICO) will present a single performance event called “Speaking her Truth.” All three pieces on the program are by composer Jessica Rudman, and two of them use texts I wrote. This is the first time I’ll […]