Kendra Preston Leonard

CFP: Hidden Narratives essay collection

Paula Bishop and I will edit this collection. Please share widely. The dominant narratives of women in music have neglected, obscured, or minimized the successes and importance of countless female musicians who became the driving forces in the development and success of their genres. Instead, such narratives emphasize the rarity of the female musician or attribute […]

A teaser for Duke

From my upcoming Duke talk: In her novel Wolf Hall, Hillary Mantel writes, “Beneath every history, another history.” Beneath: under, below, buried, submerged, hidden. And also deep, profound, rooted, from below. Today I want to talk about the narratives beneath our histories and historiographies, how we can exhume these narratives, how we can raise them […]

Two new publications and a talk on silent film music

I have two new publications out this autumn: Music for Silent Film: A Guide to North American Resources, A-R Editions and the Music Library Association Index and Bibliography Series, 2016; and “Using Resources for Silent Film Music,” Fontes Artis Musicae 63 (October-December 2016). (uncorrected page proofs). I’m also talking about “Performance Practices for Photoplaying at Three Texas Motion Picture […]

Some AMS 2016 stats

The AMS 2016 preliminary program is out today. Some brief, preliminary stats (not including publishers’ or editors’ meetings): Chairs and Special Respondents Men: 86 Women: 60 Participants Men: 236 Women: 211 Panels All-male (including chair): 11 All-female (including chair): 9, not including the SMT’s all-women session and the AMS’s all-women poster session Participants not listing […]

More #AMSSOWHITE and how to help anonymously

On June 23, AMS President Ellen Harris sent a message to the membership announcing the formation of a new committee to deal with racism at the AMS. I should note that I have been the AMS liaison to the Coalition on the Academic Workforce, which advocates for adjunct and other non-TT scholars’ and instructors’ rights, for […]

Louise Talma and the Forty Ninjas

In which my spouse suggests we replace “Nadia Boulanger” with “Ninjas” in my new book: some samples! Talma’s intense relationship with Ninjas has been well-documented in biographies of Ninjas and histories of the Conservatoire Américain in Fontainebleau, where they first met as student and teacher. As Marjorie Garber has pointed out, the relationship of student […]

Janet Levy Award

I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded a 2016 Janet Levy Award for Independent Scholars from the American Musicological Society in support of my project “Music for the Cinematic Supernatural in the Era of Spiritualism.” The Award will assist me with this summer’s research trip to the American Music Research Center at the University of […]

Harry Ransom Center Fellowship

I’ve just learned that I’ve been awarded a 2016-2017 Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowship in the Humanities for research on silent film music in the HRC’s Hoblitzelle Interstate Theatre Circuit Collection. I hope to be in residence in Austin this autumn. Here’s a little about my research project there: The Hoblitzelle Interstate Theatre Circuit Collection at the Harry […]