Kendra Preston Leonard

Some AMS 2016 stats

The AMS 2016 preliminary program is out today. Some brief, preliminary stats (not including publishers’ or editors’ meetings): Chairs and Special Respondents Men: 86 Women: 60 Participants Men: 236 Women: 211 Panels All-male (including chair): 11 All-female (including chair): 9, not including the SMT’s all-women session and the AMS’s all-women poster session Participants not listing […]

More #AMSSOWHITE and how to help anonymously

On June 23, AMS President Ellen Harris sent a message to the membership announcing the formation of a new committee to deal with racism at the AMS. I should note that I have been the AMS liaison to the Coalition on the Academic Workforce, which advocates for adjunct and other non-TT scholars’ and instructors’ rights, for […]

Louise Talma and the Forty Ninjas

In which my spouse suggests we replace “Nadia Boulanger” with “Ninjas” in my new book: some samples! Talma’s intense relationship with Ninjas has been well-documented in biographies of Ninjas and histories of the Conservatoire Américain in Fontainebleau, where they first met as student and teacher. As Marjorie Garber has pointed out, the relationship of student […]

Janet Levy Award

I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded a 2016 Janet Levy Award for Independent Scholars from the American Musicological Society in support of my project “Music for the Cinematic Supernatural in the Era of Spiritualism.” The Award will assist me with this summer’s research trip to the American Music Research Center at the University of […]

Harry Ransom Center Fellowship

I’ve just learned that I’ve been awarded a 2016-2017 Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowship in the Humanities for research on silent film music in the HRC’s Hoblitzelle Interstate Theatre Circuit Collection. I hope to be in residence in Austin this autumn. Here’s a little about my research project there: The Hoblitzelle Interstate Theatre Circuit Collection at the Harry […]

Discussing Louise Talma on BBC Radio 3

In this one-hour broadcast, which includes recordings of Talma’s Piano Sonata No. 2, Variations on 13 ways of looking at blackbird, and Full Circle, Donald Macleod and I talk about Louise Talma and her time at the MacDowell Colony. You can listen to the broadcast online for the next 30 days for free.

Society for American Music Sight and Sound Subvention

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve won the 2016 Society for American Music Sight and Sound Subvention. The subvention will fund my project, “Scoring the Silver Screen from ‘Fairy Flirtations’ to The Sea Beast: Recordings of Repertoire from the Silent Film Sound and Music Archive,” which will involve a collaboration between the Silent Film Sound […]

BBC Radio 3 interview on Louise Talma

My interview on BBC Radio 3 with Donald MacLeod on Louise Talma will air on 17 March 2016 at noon (UK time), with a repeat broadcast that evening at 18.30. It will thereafter be available online for 30 days at the BBC Radio 3 website. The episode is one of five for the week focusing […]

More links for the Musicology Now debate

Some new links: Brown AMS Avenger: a LiveJournal site where anyone can post anonymously or with ID on the ongoing discussion A Reply to Musicology Now, on Musicology Now, by William Cheng A Reply on Felicia Miyakawa’s Blog, by Jeremy Grimshaw Another Reply on Felicia Miyakawa’s Blog, by Gillian Rodger (link to the Charles Rosen […]