Guest Lectures & Seminars
“Women and English Early Modern Music in Film,” University of South Carolina (2017)
“Nationalism in Music,” Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (2017)
“Women Composing Opera,” University of Richmond (2013)
“Goth Music and Aesthetics,” University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash (2013)
“Women Composing Opera,” Mary Washington University (2010)

CUNY 2014 Graduate Students in Music workshop
Basic info
Readings: Cizmic, Hannan, Mitchell & Snyder

Seminar: Victorian Music and Culture (2011)
Seminar: American Opera since 1950 (2010)
Introduction to Musicology (2009, 2010)

Seminar: Women and Music (2011)
Music since 1900 (2010)
Cello (1996-1998)